Setting User Permissions allows you to manage the visibility, access, and control that a User has within your site. This allows you to invite users that are only relevant to specific projects or have a specific role/function in your workflows on the site.

To set permissions for individual user accounts, follow the steps below.

Step 1) Navigate to the Users section on the main navigation panel

Step 2) Click the set permissions button in the row of the user

Step 3) Choose permissions

Permissions are broken down into two levels:

  • Global level

  • Company/Project level

Example 1
If you want to give a user all permissions, you can simply click the little arrow next to the options available count. See image below:

Example 2
Say you only want to give access to view items in the system. The user cannot make any edits/changes to items.

Drill into the individual permission levels and select the View permissions you choose.

When you're finished, don't forget to click Save Permissions

Note: If you do not add view or edit permissions for a user, that item will be completely hidden when they log in.

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