InvestNext has a document sharing tool that enables you to directly share K1s and other private documents in-mass, with each one of your investors. In essence, the tool reads the file name of the document and intelligently matches it to the given investor--even if the file name doesn't exactly match the investor name in the system.

Setup: prior to the steps outlined below, you will need to create a .zip file containing the documents you wish to share. For each document, make sure either the filename or (if applicable) folder contains the investor (Account) name. The name does not have to match InvestNext exactly, it just needs to be close.

To watch a video walkthrough, see the bottom of this article here.

Step 1) Navigate to the project you would like to upload K1s or other documents for. Once you are in the project, navigate to Documents.

Step 2) Click the New Documents button on the upper-right and select the Mass .zip Upload option.

Step 3) Choose a Name for this upload. This will be the name given to the new folder containing the set of documents you wish to share. Then select the relevant Document type.

Step 4) Click the Choose File button. Your local file browser will appear. Select and open the .zip file containing the documents you wish to upload and share.

Step 5) Click the Upload button. The Mass Upload Tool dialogue box will disappear.

Generally, the upload and matching should take no more than a few seconds. Although, if you are uploading a large volume of documents, it may take a bit longer. In any event, there will be a 'progress status' indicator displayed next to the newly created folder, as shown in the example below:

Step 6) Navigate to the newly created folder using the folders on the left-hand side.

Step 7) You should now see all of the documents uploaded and automatically matched.* Once you have verified that the documents are correctly matched, select all documents using the checkboxes to the left of the Name column.

Finally, select Portal Access and Enable Portal Access.

This will send an email notification to each one of your investors that have a registered account on your investor portal, letting them know that there is a new document ready for them to access.

*Note: In the rare event that a document is not correctly matched, you can manually associate the document to the correct investor by hovering over that document and right-clicking then and selecting Set Account Association.

The Set Account Association dialogue box will appear:

Watch video walkthrough below

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