A co-sponsor (partner/co-gp) can be any type of partner that you work with on projects, most commonly, capital-raising partners. In your portal, access for co-sponsors is managed by identifying relevant Contacts and Capital Raises.

If the user that you would like to add should have their access restricted by Project or any criteria other than specific individuals (Contacts), consider adding a general User and using permission settings to control access (permissions how-to).

The process to add a co-sponsor is three-fold:

  1. Add the co-sponsor group.

  2. Invite individual co-sponsor users.

  3. Associate the co-sponsor to Contacts and Capital Raises.

Step 1: Add the co-sponsor group.

Navigate to Global Settings by clicking on the cog wheel from any page.

Click on the Co-sponsors option from the left-hand navigation.

Finally, select New Co-sponsor and then enter the relevant name for the co-sponsor group (how it will be displayed across the system) and select Create Co-Sponsor.

Step 2: Invite individual co-sponsor users.

Click on the Users option from the left-hand navigation and select New User.

Enter the email address of the individual that you would like to invite to the portal and select the relevant Co-sponsor group from the drop down option. Select Grant Access.

Scroll to the right within the User Administration table and select Set Permissions.

Within the permission settings, you can set the high-level access within the portal with Global Permission options and then manage access within specific Projects with the groups of permissions associated with each (categorized by Project name).

Note: The co-sponsor account will only have access within each area to the specific information of the Contacts that will be associated to them in the next step.

Step 3: Associate the co-sponsor to Contacts and Capital Raises.

To associate a Contact or Capital Raise, navigate to the relevant record and select Edit beside the Co-Sponsor option on the left-hand side. Finally, select the relevant co-sponsor and Save Co-Sponsors.

Note: When a Co-Sponsor is added to a Capital Raise, their access will still be restricted to the associated Contacts.

If you have any questions regarding Co-Sponsor functionality or use cases, please reach out to our Support team at support@investnext.com.

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