On occasion, your investors may reach out, asking for a consolidated statement of all of their investment activities with your firm. While investors have access to all of their investment activities on the investor portal, there may be occasions where they need to have this information shown on a pdf or physical statement.

The following steps will guide you on how to create an investor statement:

1. Navigate to the given contact (under Contacts in the main navigation) for which you would like to build the statement and select 'Documents' in the center panel:

2. Select 'Build Statement' from the 'New Document' drop-down button:

A modal will appear requesting the date range for this statement. You can also include closed positions (i.e. investments that have been exited) into this statement by selecting the 'Include closed positions' checkbox.

3. Once you've identified the date range for this statement, select the 'Build Statement' button.

Once the statement is generated, it will appear in the 'Documents' section:

4. From here, you can select the statement and the 'Portal Access' dropdown will appear. Select 'Enable Portal Access'

The statement will be privately shared to the given investor's portal account. The investor will also receive a notification that they have a new document available to them on the investor portal.

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