Getting Started

Learn the basics to help you get up and running with the InvestNext platform

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Investor FAQ

Everything that you need to know to manage your account, receive investment updates, and invest in new projects.

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Investor Management

Create new contacts and accounts, invite contacts to the investor portal, build contact filters

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Capital Raising

Everything that you need to know to create a new capital raise, set-up your deal room, and manage opportunities.

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Creating custom waterfalls and running distributions.

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Document & E-Signature Management

Managing documents within the platform and creating/sending e-signature requests.

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Investment/Project Management

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Investor Portal

How to set-up and brand your custom investor portal.

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System Management

Everything you need to know to manage your InvestNext site configuration.

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Investor Accreditation

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Creating blog posts and setting up/sending custom emails.

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InvestNext Forms

InvestNext forms are a powerful and customizable way to capture information from current and prospective investors

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TEAMs Feature

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Everything you need to know about the SSO (single sign-on) feature with InvestNext.

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InvestNext Payments (ACH)

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