Often times, investors want to give their partners, accountants and other relationships access to their investment account. For instance, there might be a group investors who formed an LLC and invested in your last project. As such, they want to ensure that all the members of the LLC have a login access to the investor portal.

You can facilitate this scenario in InvestNext by adding Relationships to the given investing Account. The following steps describe how to do this in detail:

1. Go to Accounts.

2. Select the given Account. As shown in the example below, we are selecting Weber Investments, LLC:

3. Within the Account, you will see a 'Relationships' section:

Click on the 'plus' icon next to it:

A modal will appear enabling you search for and select the given Contact, which you would like to add as a relationship to this Account:

Note: if you cannot find the Contact you wish to add as a relationship, you will first need to create a new Contact as outlined in this article

4. Select the type of relationship and click the 'Add Relationship' button. In this example we are selecting Michael Weber and classifying him as a Partner:

You should now see that Contact in the 'Relationships' section, as shown in the example below:

Note: If the Contact has not yet been invited to the investor portal, this article will guide you on how to invite them to the investor portal.

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