ACH payments can take anywhere between 3 - 4 business days. During this time investors are kept informed with automated payment notifications.

These notifications include:

  • A notification that a distribution was initiated and when to expect the funds to land in the given ACH account.

  • A notification when the funds have landed in the given ACH account.

When sending a distribution that includes ACH payments through InvestNext, there are two separate ACH transactions that occur.

  1. A single bulk transaction from your bank account to the payments network for the full amount of all outgoing payment.

  2. An individual transaction from the payments network to each investor.

These two transactions result in the effective 3 - 4 business day transaction time from your bank account to the investor. We continue to work with our payments provider to reduce this further.

In effect, sending ACH payments through InvestNext will allow you to keep your investors informed by sending automated payment notifications while allowing you to provide the service to investors of receiving their distribution payments at any financial institution without creating an administrative burden to process.

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