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Walk-through with Screenshots

1. To start, navigate to the relevant Project and select Settings.

2. Select InvestNext Payments from the left-hand navigation menu.

3. Enter all of the relevant information presented, ensuring that the below criteria are met, and Submit.

  1. The Business Name must match the EIN paperwork exactly.

  2. The Business Type matches the EIN registration.

  3. The address field is a physical address, this cannot be a PO box.

4. Upload your EIN paperwork in order to meet the required AML/KYC procedures by selecting the "Action Needed: upload additional documentation" banner.

5. Once verified, select "New Funding Source" and enter your bank account information into the window. Note: The "Signature" field will display exactly as it will be printed on any cheque payments, simply by typing the relevant name.

6. After entering your bank account details, you will receive two micro-deposits. Once received, simply confirm the amounts by selecting the "Verify" option in the Linked Funding Sources table.

7. Add the beneficial owners, any individual that owns 25% or more of the equity interests of the business, by selecting "Beneficial Owners" and then '"Add Beneficial Owners". Note: An ID upload may be required.

8. After all beneficial owners are verified, or if there are no beneficial owners, select "Certify".

9. Finally, select "Set Default".

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