Pipelines in InvestNext can help you visualize opportunities/deals as you raise capital for a given project. InvestNext pipelines allow you to customize and add the stages defined by your organizations process.

User defined stages

With user defined stages you can add pipeline stages that help you and your team see where a given opportunity is at in your organizations process.

For example: you might have a stage called Reviewed PPM

Inside Fundraise > Opportunities Grid you view all opportunities in the Review PPM stage.

InvestNext stages

InvestNext stages are managed automatically by the system.

Committed: A commitment has been entered.
Paperwork Completed: All e-signature requests (documents) have been completed.
Funded: Funds have been recorded as received.*

*The Opportunity will remain in the Committed status until all documents have been completed regardless of funding status.

Click here to learn more about managing investor documents or receiving funds.

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