InvestNext Best Practice: We strongly recommend creating a unique version of each document for different entity types. For example, if there are different fields to complete, setting up a template for individuals and a separate for entities/trusts.

We have found this to reduce errors in the documents by reducing investor decision-making regarding which fields to complete and only displaying fields that are relevant to their entity type.

Adding Investing Entity Types

When first adding a document to the Document Sequence, you will be able to select one or multiple entities to be associated with that document.

When an investor adds a commitment, the system will automatically assign them the documents that are associated with the type of entity that they have selected.

Editing & Reviewing Investing Entity Associations

You can review the entities associated with each document by navigating to the Document Sequence in your Deal Room and looking at the "Entities" column.

You can also edit the associated types by clicking the three dots to the right under "Actions" and selecting "Edit".

Please note: if there are no documents associated with a specific entity type, an investor who selects that type will be moved to a "Paperwork Complete" status immediately upon entering their commitment.

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