When an investor adds a Commitment to a Capital Raise, the system will automatically assign them the documents that are associated with the type of entity that they are have selected:

InvestNext Best Practice:

We strongly recommend creating a unique version of each document for different entity types when setting up your e-signature templates for a Capital Raise. If there are different fields or signature pages to complete for each entity type, we recommend you set up a separate e-signature template for each of those entity types. For example, you might set up separate e-signature templates for these entity types:

  • Individual and Joint Tenants With Right of Survivorship

  • LLC, LP, LLP, LLLP, S-Corp, C-Corp, Trust, Pension Plan


We have found this to reduce errors in the documents by reducing investor decision-making regarding which fields to complete and only displaying fields that are relevant to their entity type.

If you have not already set up your e-signature templates, use this Article.

Adding Investing Entity Types to the Capital Raise Commitment Flow

When setting up the documents for a Capital Raise, you will add the documents to the Document Sequence, and then select one or multiple entities to be associated with that document.

Step 1) Go to Fundraising -> Capital Raise -> Edit Deal Room

Step 2) Under Commitment Flows, click on Document Sequence

Step 3) Under each Class, click + Add Docs:

Step 4) Select Attach Documents to choose the e-signature template. Click Investor Types to select the appropriate entity types to associate to the e-signature template.

Remember to add the e-signature templates and entities for all Classes.

Editing & Reviewing Investing Entity Associations

You can review the entities associated with each document under the Document Sequence, under Entities.

You can also edit the associated types by clicking the three dots to the right under "Actions" and selecting "Edit".

Please note: If there are no documents associated with a specific entity type, an investor who selects that type will be moved to a "Paperwork Complete" status immediately upon entering their commitment.

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