There is now an ability to share updates with co-sponsor investors. Updates can help you and your team keep constant, fluid communication between you and your participating investors on updates with the projects, distributions, the status of your capital raise, etc. The following steps below will illustrate the update sharing process.

  1. Navigate to the Communication section of your portal:

2. From there, Select the update that you want to share with your co-sponsor's investors. Please note that the selected update must be in a published status as well as have an investor(s) associated with a co-sponsor participating in the associated raise:

3. After you have selected the published update that you want to share, now you will scroll to the bottom of the Update page and click "Share":

4. Lastly, you will confirm the investor(s) that you want included in the update share. Once the investor(s) is confirm, click "Share Update":

Once shared, the Update will be available on each selected Co-Sponsor sites in a Draft status, so the co-sponsor admins will have the option to add any specific material for their investors prior to publishing.

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