One of the best aspects of real estate syndication is the opportunity to collaborate and forge productive partnerships with fellow syndicators. With InvestNext's Co-Sponsor functionality, that collaboration can occur in a simple and fast way while raising funds for your next project!

As the Lead Sponsor for a new Capital Raise, you are in control and can bring in any number of additional Co-Sponsors (capital raisers) to help with the deal. This article will break down the varying levels of access that can be provided for a Co-Sponsor.

Getting Started

When you invite a Co-Sponsor to the InvestNext platform, if they do not already have an environment, we will spin one up for them for FREE! If the Co-Sponsor is already using InvestNext, they can continue to use their current portal.

To start, simply fill out this form to let us know which Co-Sponsor you'd like to invite to participate in your Capital Raise. Our team will take it from here!

Editing Co-Sponsor Permissions

To access the Co-sponsor settings, navigate to the relevant Capital Raise by selecting "Fundraising" on the left-hand side, then "Capital Raises", and select the desired capital raise.

From here, you will notice 3 dots (ellipsis) beside the capital raise name.

If you click on the 3 dots, you can select "Edit Details" and from this screen, you can select "Co-Sponsor Access" to set the access level the Co-sponsor will have.

The "Co-Sponsor Access" settings will determine what is visible to the Co-sponsor as well as what actions they can take for the capital raise. The options are as follows:

IMPORTANT: When you give your co-sponsor(s) Administrator access, when the co-sponsor changes anything, all changes will be reflected in the capital raise for their portal, the Main Sponsor's portal and any other co-sponsors portal for this capital raise.

Co-sponsor Countersignature Settings

The "Co-sponsor Countersignature Settings" will determine if the Lead Sponsor countersigns all subscription documents or if the Co-sponsor will countersign subscription documents for their investors.

IMPORTANT: When you select: Co-sponsor countersign documents, this will give countersigning permissions to all co-sponsors in the capital raise. If there are multiple co-sponsors in the capital raise, this permission will allow ALL the co-sponsors to countersign their investors' documents. This is an "all or nothing" permission.

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