Once you have been invited to your InvestNext site, this guide will help you start raising capital as a Co-Sponsor. Start at the top and work alongside each video, the entire process will take approximately 30 minutes and result in your being fully launched and ready to actively raise capital.

  1. How does being a co-sponsor work?

  2. What is the experience for my investors?

  3. What information does the lead sponsor have access to?

  4. What happens after the Capital Raise is complete?

How does being a co-sponsor work?

Branding my investor portal: The first thing to do once you've received access to your site is to set up the branding which will be unique to your portal and give your investors a white-labeled experience.

Adding a Soft Commitment/Registration Form: The primary way for your investors to start engaging with your site is going to be through the submission of a customizable form.

Capital Raise Access: Once created, your site will be linked to the Capital Raise that your lead sponsor has already created. As a co-sponsor, your level of access is determined by your lead sponsor. All that you will need to do is review and publish the deal to your Investor Portal.

What is the experience for my investors?

The video below walks through a basic overview of the investment process. We would encourage you to go through the process yourself to become more comfortable with the process in order to test and support your investors.

What information does the lead sponsor have access to?

Lead sponsors manage the full Cap Table on their site and have visibility into commitments that have occurred and all transactions & documents related to a Project. When viewing any of this information, they are prevented from accessing the account details or contact information for the investors of a co-sponsor.

What happens after the Capital Raise is complete?

What are the lead sponsors' responsibilities?

The lead sponsor will complete the majority of the project management, including managing the cap table, executing distributions, and sharing documents (ex. K-1s). In each of those examples, the actions taken by the lead sponsor will be added to my investor portal automatically and be accessible to my investors.

What are my responsibilities?

The primary role as a co-sponsor is to manage my investors, ensuring that they maintain up-to-date account information and have added their bank account information to receive distributions.

Additional Functionality to Explore:

  1. Add additional users to your site

  2. Creating new Contacts + Accounts (investing entities)

  3. Invite Contacts to your investor portal

  4. Add a custom domain to send emails from

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