Deleting a class from a project can only occur if the class has no transactions that should be reflected for the sponsor and/or any investor(s).

Step 1: Click on the project you would like to delete a class from, so you will see your project overview screen.

Step 2: Click on the Classes tab

Step 3: Click on the Class that needs to be deleted. In this example, we will be deleting Class B.

Step 4: You will be taken to a Class B overview page. Click on the 3 dots and you will be presented with the option to Edit the Class Name or Delete the Class. Click delete!

Step 5: Once you click delete, a confirmation window will pop up to confirm that the class should be deleted. Click delete once more and the class will be deleted.

FAQ: The delete option is not presented when I click the three dots. Why is the option to delete not there?

  • A class can only be deleted when it is not connected to a capital raise, there are no transactions or commitments within the class. This is a security feature to ensure that a class is not accidentally deleted that is associated with vital information.

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