The contact tags feature in InvestNext allows you to add qualitative attributes to your contacts, which you can ultimately filter on. You can learn more about how to create a contact filter here.

Step 1) Log in to your InvestNext admin account and navigate to Contacts on the left side bar.

Step 2) Navigate to the desired contact you wish to add a tag to. You will be taken to the contact detail screen.

Step 3) Locate the Tags section on the left-hand side of the of the contact detail screen.

Step 4) Begin typing the desired description for the tag in the search bar within the TAGS section. If the tag has been previously used, then it will be auto-suggested (as shown in the example below), allowing you to select it. Otherwise, finish typing the desired description to create a new tag.

Step 5) Hit the Return/Enter key and the new tag will be displayed, as shown in the example below:

Note: you can also add tags to your contacts in bulk, by going to your list of contacts, selecting the contacts you'd like to add a specific tag to, selecting the ACTIONS button and "Add Tag" drop-down selection:

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