How it works

The offerings page gives investors a sneak peek at your upcoming and active offerings. When a prospective investor clicks the Learn more... button they're presented with a customizable form to submit.

What does it look like?

How do I set it up?

Here are a few simple steps to start collecting leads on your offerings page using InvestNext forms.

1) Ensure the following global settings are enabled

  • Investor portal access

  • Allow unregistered investors to view your offerings page

  • Form submissions

Don't forget to save your changes :)

2) Open the deal room for the capital raise you want to start receiving leads on. Ensure the following access settings are checked.

  • Enable deal room

  • Allow unregistered investors to see this offering on the offerings page

Don't forget to save your changes :)

3) Last step! Inside your capital raise detail, set the state of the capital raise to Upcoming or Active

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