Step-by-Step Instructions (or jump to video)

To start, navigate to the Settings tab (cog wheel) and select "Investor Portal" from the left-hand menu.

Then, complete the four below sections (individual explanations below:

Login Page

  • Logo: Upload an image file to be used on the right hand panel.

  • Background Image: Upload an image file to be used as the larger, highlight photo. *Note* The recommended Background Image size and ratio recommendations are:

    • Landscape Orientation Recommended

    • Recommended Aspect Ratio - 16:9

    • Recommended Resolution - 1280 x 720


  • Logo: Upload an image file with a transparent background to be displayed on the header of all investor portal pages.

  • Background Color: Using the colour selector, choose the colour to be used as the background of the investor portal header (white in below example).

  • Font Color: Using the colour selector, choose the colour to be used for links and text within the investor portal header and other applicable areas (black in below example).

Welcome Message

The welcome message is displayed on the dashboard (landing page) of the investor portal and serves as an introduction to your investors. You can define header and message content, in addition to uploading:

  • Profile image: recommended as using a headshot of company leadership or other representative image.

  • Signature image: which will be added to the bottom righthand corner of the message when displayed.


Select the "Investor Portal Enabled" option and customize the subdomain (the link that your investors will use to login). Optionally:

  • Allow unregistered investors (anyone with the link) to view your Offerings page.

  • Set-up a lead/registration form.

  • Define which notifications should be sent to investors.

Video Walkthrough

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