Let's start with a use case..

You've just sent out a link for your deal room to some prospective investors. In addition to some basic qualification information, you want to know how much they're willing to invest. This is where soft commitments come in.


  • Add the Soft Commitment field to the form builder and click save. Click here for a refresher on customizing InvestNext forms

When an investor views your deal room, they will see a button to "SOFT COMMIT" which triggers the form to pop up.

So the investor submitted the form. Now what?

Glad you asked! Head over to the forms section in the admin panel and review, approve or decline the lead.

Upon approval, a few things will happen:

  1. A new contact record is created in your Contacts.

  2. The investor is sent an invitation to register for the investor portal (create username/password).

  3. A new opportunity and soft commitment record are created, which you can continue to track under Fundraising > Opportunities.

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