InvestNext forms allow you to capture new leads and prospective investors, review their qualifications, and then provide Investor Portal access with a single click.

This article will show you how to customize the form to present your preferred set of questions to prospective investors.

Step 1) Enable form submissions in your global settings by navigating to the Cogwheel icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then select "Investor Portal" on the left, and the "Access" tab. You will see the checkbox for "Enable Form Submissions" and be sure to hit "Save" at the bottom of the page. Optionally, select "Enable Self Registration" to add a Register button to your investor portal login page.

Step 2) Navigate to the Forms tab under Communications, and select Customize Form.

Step 3) Once you're in the form customizer, there are three primary options to edit content. Anytime you make any edits, be sure to Save Changes before switching to a different page.

Header/Body: Adding Header and Body text will provide additional context to your prospective investors on the purpose of the form and next steps to expect.

Fields: Add additional fields to your form by simply clicking on the options under InvestNext Fields or Custom Fields (see below for adding new fields). Once added, you can drag them using your mouse to re-order, and hover over the question to select the pencil icon to edit or the X icon to remove.

Create New Fields: Any custom fields can be dynamically created using the Create New Fields option. Simply click on the type of question and then complete the presented fields in a pop-out box that will appear on the right-hand side of your screen.

When a new field is created, it is added as a Custom Field on the Contact profile as well as an option to display on the form.

Once you happy with your form, click Preview to see the final version and then click below to learn where to collect responses.

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