If the shares of an investor are redeemed, this can be recorded as a transfer of equity to the Treasury Account. The investor will retain access to their historical transaction information but will no longer be considered an active investor in the project.

Step 1: Navigate to the Project and then the Positions tab. Then click into the Position that you would like to redeem.

Step 2: Select New Transaction in the top-right and then Transfer from the drop-down options.

Step 3: Enter the details of the transaction:

  • Transfer to: Select Treasury Account (Redeem Equity)

  • Date: Specify the effective date

  • Equity Class: Ensure that the relevant Class is selected

  • Units: For a full redemption, enter the total units held (available in the bottom-left of the Position).

  • Transaction Amount: Select from the three available options to record the Transaction Amount. Note: This will not be recorded as a Distribution. If you would like to facilitate the payment, run a custom distribution and then record the relevant amount or zero here. Once complete, click Transfer Equity.

Once complete, the site may take a short period to update, then you will see a line item on the Position for Transfer to Treasury and the specific investment details in the bottom-left will be removed. As of the specified effective date, the investor is no longer considered an active investor in the project and will not have access to content that is targeted to the active investor audience.

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