One of the benefits of using InvestNext's integrated e-signature tool is that you can auto-fill the documents with information that is already known about the investor.

This includes the details of the investing entity, such as name, tax id, and address, as well as details of their commitment, such as the amount, class, and units/shares.

What is a "Sender"

When creating an e-signature template, you can select "Sender" within the Signers drop-down menu in the top-left.

The "Sender" role will only allow you to add textboxes that can be used to populate the investor information.

Selecting the Auto-Fill Information

Once you've added a Textbox within the "Sender" role, you will see a drop-down option on the right-hand side of the screen with the title "What text goes here".

Within the drop-down is a list of all of the available fields that can be populated within an e-signature document.

From here, simply repeat the process of adding textboxes and selecting the relevant "What text goes here" for each field.

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