Important: Setting the correct signer roles for an e-signature document is essential as you are unable to add/remove signers roles once the template has been started. We recommend reviewing the full document prior to starting the template creation process.

Adding Signer Roles

When creating an E-Signature Template, you are able to add in additional people or roles who may need to complete portions of the document.

There are two types of additional signers, as seen in the image below:

  1. Additional investor role: this will be an optional signer which each investor will be able to specify using their name and email (or skip). Common examples would be a spouse or second corporate signatory.

  2. Sponsor/Counter-Signature: Yourself, or a member of your team, who will be able to complete a counter-signature through the InvestNext site.

Place Fields for Additional Signers

Once you have started to add fields to your document, you are able to define who will be responsible for completing each field by selecting from the "Signers" drop-down.

For any additional investor roles, the fields will only appear on the document if the investor chooses to add the person's information. If they select the role as not relevant, then the fields will not be applied.

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