Zapier is a third-party software that allows you to integrate web applications, such as CRMs, and automate workflows. InvestNext has integrated Zapier to allow you to automate sending contacts collected in your CRM to InvestNext Contacts.


  • Your CRM must be integrated with Zapier.

  • You must have your own Zapier account (Sign up for free at:

  • You must have your CRM login credentials and be able to access it to set up the Zap.

  • You must have your InvestNext login credentials and be able to access it to set up the Zap.

Because Contacts are set up by default in InvestNext, nothing needs to be done in InvestNext prior to the creation of the Zapier connection.

In Zapier:

Definition: Trigger = what is coming into Zapier based on some event from a 3rd party application such as MailChimp or HubSpot, etc. In this example, we are using HubSpot.

  1. Log into your Zapier account.

  2. Click Create a Zap

  3. Choose App Event: HubSpot

4. Click in the field for Event (required): Choose an event. In this example, choose “New Contact” from the drop down menu.

NOTE: This is the Trigger – the event that you use in HubSpot to tell Zapier: When a Contact enters HubSpot, this is the information I want moved to InvestNext.

5. Click Continue.

In Your CRM: (In this example, we are logging into HubSpot).

  1. Log into your CRM.

  2. Select your Account and click Choose Account:

3. When the following screen displays, scroll to the bottom and select Connect App. This screen is your acknowledgement that Zapier will access your CRM data.

NOTE: This will be different in each CRM! Consult the documentation for your CRM account.

In Zapier:

  1. You are taken back to the Zapier workflow:

2. Click Continue to go to the Set up trigger section:

3. At the Set up trigger section, click Continue.

4. Click Test Trigger. If an error such as “We couldn’t find a contact” occurs, click the Skip test button.

NOTE: Since the Zap is for New Contacts received going forward, there are no New Contacts to find at this time. You will test this later in this process.

5. Click Skip Test to confirm you are skipping the test:

6. In the Test Trigger (skipped) section, scroll down and click Continue to the Next Step.

7. In the Test Trigger (skipped) section, scroll down and click Continue.

8. Search for InvestNext in the App Event field and select it:

9. Select an Event: Choose Create Contact:

10. Click Continue

11. Choose an Account: Click Sign in to sign into your InvestNext account.

In InvestNext:

  1. You will be taken to your InvestNext login screen:

2. You will be asked to authorize Zapier’s access to your InvestNext account:

In Zapier:

  1. You are taken back to Zapier. Click Continue to select your InvestNext account:

2. To Set up action, you will be “mapping” your CRM contact fields to the InvestNext CRM contact fields.

  • Click into the First Name (required) field

  • Repeat this for Last Name and Email.

3. Click Test & Continue:

In InvestNext:

  1. Go to InvestNext to verify that the contact is available under Contacts.

In Zapier:

  1. Click Publish Zap to make the Zap live:

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