This article will show you how to directly record an additional contribution on the cap table of a Project.

NOTE: if you are looking to manage a Capital Raise/Fundraise or add a new investor to a Project, please refer to the links below.

First, navigate to the Positions page of the Project and click on the Position (investor) that has made an additional contribution.

Second, click "New Transaction" in the top right-hand of the screen and select "Equity"

Finally, complete the required information (outlined below) and select "Create Equity".

  • Date: the effective date of the investment

  • Equity Class: the relevant class for the units to be issued

  • Amount: the cash/capital that is being invested

  • Units: the system will pull the existing Unit Price for the selected class. For example, the below $100K investment with a Unit Price of $1K will result in 100 shares being issued. If necessary, can either use a "Custom Price" or choose "Specify Units" to enter the exact number of units to issue.

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