Adding a new Email Domain allows you to use a custom domain for all transactional emails that are processed from your site, such as investor portal invitations and distribution notices.

IMPORTANT: Before you begin the set-up process

In order to verify the DNS records, ensure that you can access the Domain Registrar for your domain (ex. or wherever you manage your domain.

Step 1: Navigate to the Global Settings > Emails.

Step 2: Click on Add Custom Domain and then enter the domain address.

Step 3: You will be presented with DKIM and Return-Path values for your domain.

Use these values to verify that you own and control the domain which you have just added.

Step 4: Go to your Domain Registrar to verify the DNS Records (DKIM & Return-Path) for your domain.

* Follow the detailed instructions provided by your Domain Registrar.

Step 5: In InvestNext, go to Global Settings > Emails and click Verify to confirm completion.

After updating the DNS Records (DKIM & Return-Path) for your domain with the values provided at your Domain Registrar, you will verify the DKIM & Return-Path settings in InvestNext.

IMPORTANT: The records can take up to 1 hour or longer to update based on the Domain Registrar's response time.

Step 6: Add a specific email address by selecting Add Email Address and completing the below fields:

  • From Email: Email address which the messages will be sent by.

  • Name: The name that appears in the recipient's email inbox.

  • Reply-to: What email address should replies be sent to.

Step 7: Select the ellipsis (three dots) to the right of the Email Address and click Make default notifications email.

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