To create a bulk (batch) statement, you must navigate into the specific project you'd like to create the statement for. You can do this from the Projects tab. Then you must navigate to the Documents tab within the specific project, select New Documents and specify the dates you'd like for statement to include. From here you must Enable Portal Access for the newly created documents so your investors can access them.

Step One: Under the Projects tab, select the project you'd like to send a bulk (batch) statement for.

Step Two: Navigate to Documents tab within specific project and select New Documents dropdown.

Step Three: From the dropdown, select Build Batch Statements.

Step Four: Specify the range of dates you'd like the bulk (batch) statement to include and then click the Build button.

Step Five: Click the Checkbox to the left of the bulk (batch) statement you would like to make available to investors (select all by clicking the top check down as shown). Then select the Portal Access dropdown.

Step Six: Select Enable Portal Access to then display the desired statements in the investor portal.

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